Words of Inspiration...

Dec. 22, 2018

The time just seems to be flying by as we prepare to say goodbye to 2018 with all its ups and downs. No matter what presents itself over the holiday season, practice staying in your heart and going with the flow. 

Have a very merry and beautiful Christmas and the very, very best for 2019, from my heart to yours!

With much, much love! ..Carolyn





Nov. 16, 2018

A joyful hello to you! Amidst all the turmoil, upheaval and change that is occurring around the world, here is a wonderful chanelled message from Mother Gaia, the Spirit of our beautiful planet, Earth!


''Beloved Earth family, it is with great joy that I connect with you today! There are many changes taking place on my earth body. This must occur to assist all life here into its next highest expression  of the Creator's love. Only through change, and oftentimes, chaos and destruction of the old ways and structures, can something new be birthed. That which is being birthed at this time on Earth is more wonderful than you can imagine in this now moment. Faith, patience, and the will to 'go the distance', no matter what, is what is required here.

Know that you have earned all of the good that is here and coming forth for you now. Keep yourself grounded into your own Divine Essence, your heart, and link it to my crystalline (heart) core. When you are grounded and present, no matter what is occurring in the outer, you are being of service to the whole - to yourself, the planet and humanity - and are better able to ground and hold the frequency of the Creator's Light that is pouring through you from the higher realms of light.

Know that you are supported and remember to ask assistance from your Family of Light that are around you 24/7, as you say. That assistance has increased as the veils that once were, have thinned and are virtually non-existant. You are free-will beings, so you must 'ask' for assistance from your guides and the many beings that are here to assist humanity at this momentous time of resurrection and rebirth on planet Earth.

Know that you are loved beyond measure! Your Divine Mother, Gaia.''


Thank you, beloved Mother Gaia!

Much love and many blessings for a wonderful, uplifting week ahead!...Carolyn




Sep. 29, 2018

Welcome beautiful being! Here is a beautiful message from The Collective of Light, a collective of loving beings from the higher realms of light, angels, ascended masters, elementals and star beings. All channelled messages are encoded with light frequencies to uplift all who are reading the messages in this and every now moment. Here goes...

''Greetings beloved ones. We are the Collective of Light and we are de-light-ed to be here with you once more.

We are with each and every one of you on your earth walk and we commend you all for all that you are doing and 'being' in this moment of now.

Walk your path with faith anchored into the peace within your own heart, and know that as you call, we are right here with you, for indeed we are one. Separation is an illusion.

Acknowledge all of your feelings and emotions without judgement as they show themselves to be released to allow you to lift higher into your true beingness of who you truly are - a Divine Being of magnificent Light and love.

And so we leave you with this today. Have faith, trust in your inner knowing and know that all is well and in Divine Order (no matter what is showing itself in the outer life and world).

We love you, we bless you, we are you...Namaste

                                  Thank you, Collective of Light!

Have a blessed and uplifting week ahead and remember that no matter what is occuring around you that you are loved and honoured for who you are right now. Go well and much love to you...Carolyn



Sep. 20, 2018

Hello Family of Light! Welcome to this loving message from The Collective of Light.

'' Beloved ones, we greet you. We are so happy to connect with you today as there is so much going on in your world.

We offer you words of hope, love, peace and we are asking you to have faith. Trust in the process as all is unfolding as it should.

We gave you the process of 'the conscious breath' in an earlier message, and we remind you also of the importance of grounding fully (with intention) into the crystalline grid of the planet and into your own heart.

Your open heart is the doorway to your Divine Essence. It is where peace, love, well-being and joy flow and exist unimpeded by outer circumstances and situations. Go there often and learn to live from this place of your own God Essence.

Call forth all you are wishing to manifest in your life from this Divine space of Oneness.

Anything that is not love is an illusion. Use the process of inquiry often...what do I desire? What do I wish to change or emphasize so I can live more fully?

When you work on yourselves and refine your own energy and vibration,it causes a ripple effect across the entire planet.

We leave you with this today, beloved ones. We are with you and we love you. In peace...we are the Collective of Light.''

                                        Thank you, Collective of Light!

Much love and many blessings for an awesome, uplifting week ahead! ...Carolyn


Aug. 26, 2018

Amidst the turmoil and chaos that is being experienced individually and collectively, there is always a place where we can find peace and calm. A place that exists within all of us, no matter what is occurring in the outer. That place is our very own heart. Just being still for a couple of minutes, closing the eyes and breathing deeply with your hand on your heart will bring in peace and centeredness in an instant.

Here is a chanelled message from 'The Collective of Light'.

''Beloved one, we greet thee! We come as a collective energy of love here in your now moment.

You are moving into and through a time of great change and we would ask that you relax into it. Feel the excitement! Celebrate!

(The old Earth is crumbling giving way to the new even though it may not always seem that way).

There is much turmoil on your world right now. Find your centre point, your place of peace. Your true home, your heart. This is where you will always find balance, purpose, a sense of belonging, connection. Go there often. Use the conscious breath. Bring in the colours and the Light of The One, Source.

Be still and know that you are one with everything and that heaven 'has your back'. Know that you are loved greatly and support unceasingly.

Go well, Beloved one, until we connect again. We love you, we are you....Namaste!''

                                                        Thank you, Collective of Light


'The Conscious Breath' is done by placing the hands on the heart and breathing in and out of the mouth, holding on the in-breath for 5 seconds and then on the out-breath (really blow it out seeing the dense energy leaving your fields) for 5 seconds, done three times in a row. This exercise was brought through by the Pleiadians through Christine Day (www.christinedayonline.com) and will assist us inreleasing old energy that no longer serves us. This exercise is recommended done daily or as often as you are guided.

Much love and many blessings for an awesome, uplifting week ahead!...Carolyn