Words of Inspiration...

Sep. 16, 2020

Hello Soul Family

It has been a while since I wrote on my blog but I feel that the following information is important and needs to be shared. There is much going on on our planet Earth that many may not be aware of and I feel that information is power and the truth shall set us free.

There is an interview on youtube with Jason Shurka called 'SAVING OUR CHILDREN'. It is disturbing (an understatement) but we need to be informed. It will all come out at some point along with much more that will be revealed. 

I will post the link to the video here but just in case it does not work (or says 'video unavailable'), just go straight to youtube to Jason Shurka's channel to 'Saving Our Children'.


We are living in a completely different world now and things look grim, but there is much Light and many blessings on the other side of this.

No matter what you are feeling or going through in your life right now, keep the faith and know, this too shall pass.

Much, much love and many blessings for a wonderful, uplifting week ahead!...Carolyn


Mar. 20, 2020

Hello Soul Family,Happy Spring Equinox! With all of the chaos on the planet at the moment which is affecting everyone, I wish to share a short but very powerful mantra brought forth from The Federation of Light, channelled through Blossom Goodchild (She is on youtube with many wonderful channelled messages from The Federation of Light - check it out!). Here is the mantra...


This mantra can be said anywhere at anytime and when it is repeated with reverence, will immediately raise your vibration and bring you back to your center feeling more grounded and peaceful. It will also be of great service to all on the planet when it is used as it goes out vibrationally to all bringing peace and a rememberance of who we truly are. Divinity in a human body.

May you remember who you truly are...Much love and many blessings!...Carolyn


Jan. 5, 2020

Hello Soul Family

Thank you for reading my blog posts and visiting my website. A very Happy 2020 to you! Can you feel the incredible light energy that is streaming onto the planet bringing all life on Gaia into a new harmonic? Many are feeling like their lives are being turned upside down as these light coded frequencies are litterally stirring up and pushing to the surface, our 'stuff' so that we can acknowledge it and let it go (if we so choose) so that the new can come to us.

It can be really uncomfortable at times, but we always have the choice to ask our guides to moderate the energy so that we may go through this alchemical process with more ease and grace.  Ask and 'intend' ease and grace.

May 2020 be a year where all of your dreams are realised! Remember that you are a powerful God Creator being who is loved beyond measure by all of creation. Thank you for all that you are!

Have a wonderful, uplifting week ahead!...Many blessings...Carolyn





Aug. 30, 2019

Even for a moment, when we step out of the illusion of this reality and intend to take our conscious mind into our heart, we immediately step into the 'is-ness' of the present moment, to zero point. Here we re-connect with the truth of our Divine nature as co-creators with Source. This is a wonderful exercise for taking you out of anxiety and over-thinking.

We are not here on Gaia to learn, particularly in this lifetime, but to remember. We are here to remember ourselves as Divine and Sacred Beings of love, of the Creator's Light. We are here to remember that we are all a part of the oneness of all of creation.

Here, following, is a beautiful prayer which was given forth from Mother Mary. If it resontes with your heart, say it daily with meaning and watch the miracles unfold in your life and remember to give gratitude for all of the miracles that have already occurred and are currently present for you now. Here goes...

'' I am choosing to joyfully create today and also to have more fun than I have ever had, and I choose all that honours me. I choose all that blesses me and I choose all that I am entitled to in the most miraculous, wonderful way so that I can embrace who I am fully and completely in joy with every single breath. And so it is...''

Have a joyful and beautiful week ahead!...with much love and many blessings...Carolyn



Jun. 3, 2019