Words of Inspiration

Apr. 12, 2018

This is a chanelled message from the Pleiadian High Council with a reminder to go 'within'. How many of us look for answers to life's questions from others - friends and family members, psychics etc, forgetting that the answer to every imaginable question we can possibly ask lies within our own hearts. Our ego minds will often lead us, through fear, down the wrong road. The heart never lies and always knows our truth. Home is where the heart is. When we are thinking, speaking and living from our heart, truly, we are 'home'. Here goes...  

''We are here. We are the Pleiadian High Council of Light. We are here to bring you a message of hope today. There is much occurring on your world on all fronts.

Take comfort in the knowledge, that as the veils are lifting, all humanity has the support of many beings - Universal, Angelic and many others. You are beings of free will - you must first ask for assistance and trust that it will be given to you (from the higher realms) in a way that honours you with love and compassion for all that has and is occurring on your world.

Look within. All of the answers you seek are there. Give yourself the grace of unplugging from the outer, daily. There you will find the answers to all you seek. Be still and know that you are one with the Creator and all that is.

We are the Pleiadian High Council and it is a pleasure to connect with you today''. 

Much love and many blessings for a wonderful week ahead!...Carolyn





Feb. 4, 2018

I recently happened upon an interview ('The Goldfish Report') where Dr. Scott Werner was being interviewed. He was born with the gift of 'higher dimensional' sight. In this interview, Dr. Werner mentioned that he had been given a wonderful activation called 'the 24 Strand DNA Activation' by Saint Germaine.

I immediately googled it and found Dr. Werner on youtube where he spoke about this activation and the importance and benefits of doing it, especially at this momentous time on the planet where we are receiving very powerful light frequencies from the cosmos to assist us in evolving and raising our consciousness and that of the entire planet.

This activation will re-connect us to our original Divine human blueprint which had 24 active strands of DNA. Dr. Werner recommends, as guided by Saint Germaine, that the invocation be done 144 times, once per day or as you are guided. I started five days ago and I am already feeling very positive changes within my being! (I have been guided to do the invocation 4 times per day).

To acess this invocation and Dr. Werner's website, please visit:

www.scottwerner.org           (GO TO HIS FREE DOWNLOAD PAGE)

For Dr.Werner's youtube video please go to:

Dr. Scott Werner - Our 24 Strand DNA Activation - Youtube


It is my absolute pleasure to share here, whatever information or technique, by its use or application, has benefitted me. 

Have a wonderful, uplifting week!...Love & many blessings...Carolyn  

Jan. 19, 2018

With so much going on on the planet weather-wise, politically and particularly with the immense energy from the galactic center to assist us in raising the light and love within us and to prepare humanity for the great' Shift' in consciousness that is upon us, it is sometimes a real challenge to remain focused for any length of time.

Recently, I found a way around this and I want to share it here. Visualise your consciousness in the center of your brain like a small sphere of light. Consciously make that sphere of light travel down into your heart chakra and expand like a golden orb of light in your heart. As you do this, just be aware in your minds' eye of this beautiful golden light in your chest (like the picture I have here with this post).

What happens next is the experience of 'no mind' - a complete stillness and awareness of just 'being' in the present, the just being with what is. Don't worry if you find your monkey mind chattering and trying to take over, just do the process again and again if necessary. I have found a great feeling of peace, calm and presence through this very simple process. I hope you will too!

Many blessings and much love for a great week ahead!...Carolyn

Dec. 24, 2017

May the love, peace and joy of the season fill all hearts everywhere in the world. I know that many people on the planet may currently be experiencing circumstances that are not peaceful, joyful or loving, so let us all hold the intention to send loving energy from our own hearts to the entire planet including Mother Earth, Gaia, who needs our help to transmute negativity on and within her body.

And as we get ready to close this year which has been, energetically, off the charts with so much going on worldwide, let us give gratitude for all that we have received and given and a big heart hug to ourselves (very important!) for having the courage to keep moving forward.

I'm sending you much love, best wishes and many blessings...Carolyn




Dec. 14, 2017

Hello Family of LIght!

I have two life changing books to share here which I highly recommend! The first book (Volume 1) is called 'METATRON: THIS IS THE CLARION CALL' chanelled through Robbie Mackenzie by Archangel Metatron.

The second book (Volume 2) is called 'METATRON: THE HEALING BOOK'.If you are a Lightworker and are on the Ascension path, then these are the books for you! Every word that you read will activate you, raise your consciousness and your vibration through the downloads in the books. You will be blessed beyond measure through this work!

If this resonates with you, the books (both by R. Mackenzie) can be found on Amazon.

Many blessings and much love!...Carolyn