Orbs & Star-ships

I have been getting many awesome orbs (I am using the word, 'orbs', here but the description, cosmic consciousness or beings of light can also be used as an orb is typically round). I have also been taking photos of star-ship's otherwise referred to as space ships which I did not see through the lens of my camera whilst taking the photo but which came through in the picture after downloading onto my computer. The first photo of such an object is the first picture below.  

The first photo on this page is of a Pleiadian scout-ship. This I took outside of my flat in Ireland in November, 2016 just after the Super moon full moon on November 14th. In a reading I had in February, 2017, I was told that the Pleiadian scout-ship was placing healing codes into the Earth to assist with the healing of the planet. The other 3 ships, following, I took this year, 2017. I was also told (in my reading) that the larger, double lights, in the night sky are Pleiadian ships. They are easy to see as they are longish looking lights, bigger than how we would usually see stars, and they are all over the night sky.

All of the coloured orb and light photos I took mostly outside of my home in Ireland, with some taken inside of my flat also, starting in early March, April and in May, 2017, on random days. I have just under a hundred of them and what is most interesting is that many of the same orbs/lights keep coming through over and over on different days and from different locations. Some of the colours are truly 'out of this world'!! I will continue to add photos as I get them. 

Click on a photo if you would like to enlarge it!...Enjoy!