Orbs & Star Ships

I have been getting many awesome orbs which can also be described as cosmic consciousness.  I have also been taking photos of star-ships otherwise referred to as space ships which I did not see through the lens of my camera whilst taking the photos but which came through in the picture after downloading them onto my computer. The first photo of such an object is in the first picture below.  

This first photo is of a Pleiadian scout-ship. I took this one outside of my flat in Ireland in November, 2016 just after the Super moon full moon on November 14th. I felt that the ship was Pleiadian and this was confirmed in a reading I had with Judy Cali. I was told that the ship is a Pleiadian scout-ship which was placing healing codes into the Earth to assist with the healing of the planet. This was also verified by Kelly Hampton who works with the Pleiadians. The other three ships following that one I took in 2017. I was also told (in my reading) that the larger, double lights, that are clearly visible in the night sky on any clear night are Pleiadian ships. They are easy to see as they are longish looking lights, bigger than how we would usually see stars, and they are all over the night sky on any given night and easily visible on any clear night.

I saw many of these 'double lights' moving around in the night sky on a trip to Antigua in December, 2016.   My mother and I stood, just outside her home, in awe watching them as one minute they were stationary like stars and the next they would light up with red lights and move away!! Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera on the trip and my phone's camera was not able to capture the ships. This occurred virtually every night I was there for three weeks!!  

All of the coloured orb and light photos I took mostly outside of my home in Ireland starting in early March, April and in May, 2017, on random days. I have just under a hundred of them and what is most interesting is that many of the same orbs/lights keep coming through over and over on different days and from different locations. Some of the colours are truly 'out of this world'!!  

I have learned that most of us are originally from other planets and star systems and agreed to come to Earth to learn often very difficult lessons that would benefit us on a soul level over eons of time in multiple lifetimes. Many have also incarnated here on Earth to anchor Light and higer frequencies, in particular the 'New Children' of which there are 77 different pods from multiple star systems. All of this higher light is certainly much needed at this time of Earth and humanities' Ascension where the density on the planet has reached its peak!  

I feel that we are here at this time on Earth, not so much to learn but to remember who we truly are - magnicicent beings with untapped, unlimited potential.   



Click on a photo if you would like to enlarge it. It is my absolute pleasure to share these photos with all who find themselves here! I will continue to add photos as I get them ...Enjoy!