What is Metatronia Therapy? The Light of Alchemy...A Transformation on All Levels

Metatronia Therapy is a high vibrational Light healing system. It is brought through Archangel Metatron at this time to assist humanity in moving into the next stage of evolution.

It is not a new healing system. It is a sacred, ancient system. As the frequency and vibration of the Earth increases, so too are our own physical bodies and energetic fields surrounding the body.

We are moving out of the density of our carbon based bodies to becoming crystalline (light-filled beings). Simply put, Metatronia Therapy is 'Alignment to Source' - the pure Light of the Creator.

In order for this process to be done smoothly and effectively and for us to hold more light, our own bodies and fields must first be cleared of the lower vibrational energy we have accumulated over time.

In a healing session which usually lasts from 45-60 minutes, Metatron brings through the purest Light through the human vessel and surrounding energy fields using Light, colour and sacred geometric symbols, bringing through a healing frequency that brings re-alignment on many, many deep levels.

The healing energy stays with you and continues to change and shift. It assists in realignment and balancing on all levels of your being. As these shifts occur, our ways of feeling, thinking and doing also change.



MTFOL Founder Tammy L. Majchrzak - 2010