13. Jun, 2016


Just as the caterpillar goes through its own metamorphosis to 'come into its own' and fly free and unencumbered, so to are we as human beings changing our own carbon based bodies to bodies of Light. There is much going on and within the Earth energetically now, and increasingly so, to upshift the entire planet and all life upon it. And, as we are literally on a ride through space on this beautiful planet, so are we.

Many of us are feeling and seeing this shift around us, within our own bodies and in the world. There is much being released through and around us on all levels and it must be so in order to welcome in what we and the entire planet needs now more than ever both individually and collectively - love, peace, joy, unity consciousness.

After many, many lifetimes and the expierencing of much density I think that we can all agree that this change, this upshift into something new and wonderful is certainly welcome - necessary. So be the change you wish to see in the world and find something to celebrate today, no matter how small. Have a great week! .......................Many blessings, Carolyn