4. Jul, 2016

The Violet Flame of Transmutation

Today I am sharing information and a brief description of the Violet Flame. The knowledge and use of The Violet Flame, this alchemical violet fire, which is of the highest order, was brought forth to bless and assist mankind, by the Ascended Master St. Germaine. The Violet Flame can be invoked at any time to transmute any energy or frequency of a negative or dense vibration within us or our homes. It can be sent to others or to different parts of the world for healing and to bless and uplift all it touches. Its use is unlimited in its application.

I am including a link here which tells more about the Violet Flame, and includes decrees and affirmations also.


May this Flame of Love and Transformation bless you and every person and space for which you call it forth and have a great week!...................Blessings, Carolyn