11. Jul, 2016


Do you know what powerful creators we all are? We are constantly creating, sending forth our energy through thoughts, words and actions to create our reality. Unfortunately, a lot of the time we create what we DON'T want in our lives through stress, worrying about the future, criticism and the list goes on.

One of the most amazing and entertaining books I have read to date is a book by a woman called Florence Scovel Shinn who was an artist and book illustrator. She was born in New Jersey in 1871 and her work is as applicable today as it was then. She taught that 'your word is literally your wand'. Her philosophy centres on the power of positive thought and the right use of affirmations.

I highly recommend her book, 'The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn' which is a compilation of four of her books - The Game of Life and How to PLay It/Your Word is Your Wand/The Power of the Spoken Word and The Secret Door to Success.

The link below is a snippet of this wonderful woman's wisdom.


Enjoy! Remember to watch your thoughts and words, and have a great week!....Many Blessings...Carolyn