25. Jul, 2016


 There is so much going on on the Earth right now, energetically, to bring humanity and the entire planet into a new 5th dimensional consciousness, a new 'Golden Age of Miracles', that it is mind boggling!

A lot of the darkness and density is also being 'stirred-up' around the world and this is reflected in the unconscious events occurring worldwide which are amplified by the media to a large extent. Never deny the doscord that you see but learn to look through it realising that in truth, no one really 'dies' and that you are witnessing an illusory expression of dense energy. Focusing on these 'negative' occurrances keeps us locked in fear. 

As words and thoughts all have an energetic imprint, let us focus on what we would like to manifest in the world to birth a new reality of peace on earth. Let us all add to the light of the world with our positive thoughts and words, sending our own light out to bless the world. Let us hold the expectation of miracles both individually and collectively and have a great week!....Carolyn