12. Sep, 2016

Heart Song

I want to use my blog to share inspiring, uplifting words and ideas, tools for transformation and whatever I have found that has enhanced my life in any way. I think that if just one person a week finds themselves here to my website and can benefit from what I am sharing, then....fabulous!

Whilst searching for something worthwile and interesting to read, I stumbled upon an author called Stephen Shaw. He is a spiritual teacher and author that has travelled all over the world. His work reminds me of a cross between 'The Celestine Prophesy' books and 'Conversations With God'.

From the time I started reading his first book, 'Heart Song', I was HOOKED! I went on to read 'I Am' and 'They Walk Among Us'...all wonderful novels with spiritual truths interwoven into the storylines. Here is the link to his website which also lists his books which can be found on Amazon. Enjoy!


Have a blessed and inspired week!...Carolyn