26. Sep, 2016


I could not imagine living without laughter and a good sense of humour! There are many aspects of this third dimensional reality in which we live (which is shifting and has been for some time to bring us into a higher plane of existence and awareness) which can really bring our emotions 'down' if we let them. If we practice seeing the lighter side of life, this simple act has the power to change our reality in an instant! Here is a quotation from Shane McMinn's channelled book called 'Spirituality from the Stars'.

'Laughter and joy is extremely beneficial to one's soul. It is a multilayered effect of great benefit not only to oneself but it has a radiating effect on others in your vicinity. It helps to create awareness and upliftment that lasts for longer periods than just the moment and your bodies radiate a glow and warmth from pure joy.'   

Practice this everyday and notice the subtle, but positive changes occurring for and around you. Have a great week!...Blessings, Carolyn