6. Nov, 2016

Judy Cali

Today I want to share information on an amazing multi-talented healer called Judy Cali. Judy also does Angel Blessings to bless your body, home and business, she does Sacred Activations, channels many AScended Masters and Beings of Light. She can also tell you about your past lives and how they are impacting your current life and much, much more.

Her website is   www.judycali.com

I was recently on a spiritual telesummit hosted by Lauren Galey on 'Quantum Conversations' (check it out) where she interviewed Judy Cali. I will add a link below with a free telesummit with Judy and also her special offer package. And no, I'm not advertising for Judy, I am merely sharing work and information that is life changing and I say this from 'first hand' experience. If you are here and reading this, then this information may very well be for you.


When you open the link and page down to 'listen to Judy in a free healing conversation', the link right under the picture of Judy marked ' The Golden Awakening', you can click on it and listen for free.

Be blessed and have a great week.........Carolyn