28. Jan, 2017


For so many years I have been reading and hearing from the spiritual community that we are all 'creators'. Not only are we made in the image and likeness of God, Source, or whatever term one wishes to use, and carry that Light within our own heart, the portal of Divinity, but that we are creating with our words, thoughts and actions in every single moment. This means that we are transmitters and receivers of very potent energy - ALL of the time.

Well, I have finally clued in to what that REALLY means! I am now choosing to create more consciously and from a place of love, compassion and acceptance (more often than not) for myself and others. In making this shift not only am I bringing more blessings into my own body and fields, life and world, but I am REALLY listening to what I am thinking and speaking and also to the words of others. There are so many self-limiting phrases that we use, unconsciously, which, when sent out, bring back to us just what we don't want to create.

Let us create, from today, a more conscious way of speaking, thinking and being and let us co-create a world of change for the upliftment of ourselves and all beings. Have a wonderful week ahead!...Many blessings!...Carolyn