14. Feb, 2017

Love Is the Key and the Way

Let us be the love and the Light that we truly are at our core and send that beautiful vibration out into the world. Just by using our intention to do so, even a 'drop' of love from our sincere hearts sends a ripple effect out to touch and bless the entire planet. What we send out always comes back to us multiplied.

It isn't always easy to hold this vibration of love as there is so much that is not love and loving going on on the planet, or perhaps in our jobs or lives, as well as being constantly bombarded by the media about the escalating negativity. Remember we always have a choice about where we wish to place our focus. Focus on the good and feeling gratitude for at least one thing or someone in our world will make all the difference to shift our own vibration instantly.

Let us affect the change we wish to see in the world by first extending that love and kindness to our selves. Have a great week!...Many blessings!...Carolyn