5. Mar, 2017

Transformation with Love

I have been, over the last few days, listening to Matt Khan, one of the most inspiring and phenomenal spiritual intuitives that I have had the honour of listening to, to date.

He transmits the truth and the essence of the Divine through his voice to shift you at a cellular level. The energy coming through his voice is palpable and very, very calming! I will include a youtube link to some of his transmissions below.

What I want to share here is an exercise that Matt shared in one of his interviews which is so very simple but profound. (I have been doing it for two days and I already feel like a shift is occurring within and around me!) Take two minutes a day, uninterrupted, to just say 'I Love You' to your own heart. This not only raises your vibration, especially if it is done more than once a day, but if done consistantaly, Matt says, it can override your subconscious  mind, rewire your brain and rewrite your DNA. WOW! Just try it! When we raise our vibration with love, miracles happen!


Have a blessed and uplifting week!...Carolyn