24. Mar, 2017

Love & Kindness

In my last blog post on March 5th, I shared a simple process to increase the vibration of love in one's life, being and world brought through by Matt Khan. Here I am going to share another simple, but powerful process. This simple tool was channelled from Archangel Michael through Kelly Hampton, a very gifted healer, channel for Christ Consciousness, medium and spiritual author. It is, stating aloud, for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes a day, ''I extend loving kindness to _______'', starting with yourself. Here is a you tube video of Kelly explaining this gift from Archangel Michael.


I have been using this process over a period of time and I feel the change within my own being! I use this process along with the 'I love you' process (shared in my last blog) daily, and the joy and 'all rightness' I am feeling in my own being, regardless of what is occurring in my life, is nothing short of miraculous!!! It takes a few minutes and the shifts and gifts from doing these processes will shift you on many levels.

Be blessed and have a great week ahead!.....with love....Carolyn