9. Jun, 2017

Grounding & Protection

With so many changes occurring on the planet and within our own bodies and energetic fields due to an incredible and ever increasing influx of light from 22 galaxies, it is important to remember daily to ground ourselves  into the crystalline core of Mother Earth, Gaia, as well as calling in Light protection around our energy fields.

With this increased light coming in from the cosmos to assist the Earth and humanity to ascend, many people on the planet are feeling ungrounded, anxious and stressed as the influx of light is bringing up a lot of our human 'stuff' (outmoded beliefs/anger/guiltetc) to be acknowledged and transmuted. It is also causing aches and pains in the body as our bodies are adapting and adjusting to these higher frequencies.

I am going to add the prayer here that I say every morning as soon as I awaken before getting out of bed. With this prayer of grounding to Gaia's heart, connection to Source and circle of protection, I have found complete equilibrium in my body and energy field NO MATTER what is occurring in the outer. If you are so guided, try it.


Grounding: ''I expand and extend my central column down into the crystalline heart of Gaia, breathing up and in her superluminous Light. I set my intention to become fully in harmonic resonance with Gaia.''

Connection: ''I expand and extend my central column up through my crown chakra, through my 12th chakra and anchoring into the heart of Source, the Heart of Divinity.''

Protection: ''I call forth the Golden Light of the Christ to Surround me now in 33 concentric circles of golden Christ Light, surrounding my physical body, my energy bodies and my entire energy matrix. I now call forth the Gold and Silver Violet Flame to surround the outer most ring of Christ Light. This is my self-renewing 'firewall' of Light which allows only the highest frequencies of love and Light into my bodies and energy field.''

You can now go about your day in peace knowing that you are surrounded and protected by God's love. If you feel 'spaced-out' at any time of the day, remember to re-ground into Gaia's heart core. 

When we are grounded and peaceful, we bring that vibration with us wherever we go and attract the same to ourselves. Have a peaceful and uplifting week!...Carolyn