17. Jul, 2017

Infusions of Light

Here is another prayer I have used daily for several years. It is called 'Infusions of Light' and was created by Raquel Spencer who is a catalyst for spiritual growth and awakening (www.Raquelspencer.com).

It is a powerful prayer when said with intention and reverence for self and the Divine.  

                      INFUSIONS OF LIGHT         

I call forth the full spectrum luminous light to come in through my heart chakra, spinning in through and around me, clearing, upgrading and aligning my fields 100% with the light of Divine Source.

I direct my fields to be fully stabilised in one unified field of light at all times, fully grounded to the core, heart frequency of Gaia, allowing for my consciousness to expand beyond my current state of awareness with ease and grace.

I call forth the full spectrum harmonic codes of awakening to move through my fields and consciousness facilitating the full connection to my higher self.

I infuse gratitude into every cell of my body, filling my entire body with light, bringing coherence between my heart and mind and aligning me to my own Divine essence.

I direct my fourth eye to be fully functional, allowing full integration of the codes of light which are now available from Source energy to restore my physical vehicle to its multi-dimensional functionality and health.

I direct the original codes of the Divine human blueprint coming from Source Intelligence to communicate optimum health into my hypothalmic, pituitary and adrenal axis. I consciously balance and align my left and right brain hemispheres and ask that all neuropathways of light appropriate for my awakening to activate in accordance with my highest potential. 

i consciously direct all of my systems, glands and organs to return to their original multi-dimentional functionality and health, facilitating the full connection to my HIgher Self.

I consciously direct all of my chakras to be fully, cleared, balanced and harmonised, spinning at the perfect frequency for me, continuously upshifting each into the next level of energetic expression.

I call forth all appropriate energetic upgrades and downloads of light, information and knowledge, available to me from Divine Source, to anchor into my energy matrix with ease and grace.

I infuse my entire being with the frequencies of Divine love and truth, bringing into my conscious reality the experience of joy, happiness and balance.

With every breath, my light radiates forth from my heart into the world. I am a multi-dimensional master of light consciously co-creating my reality with ease and grace, assisting the world to shift into higher levels of consciousness and compassion.