12. Aug, 2017

Ascension Times

About a week ago, I was looking, online, at sacred geometric symbols and 'happened' upon the website of Caroline Oceana Ryan, 'Ascension Times' which can be assessed below.


Caroline is an author, speaker and chaneller who has chanelled angelic beings and guides since childhood. She currently chanells Divine Wisdom and higher energies from a group called 'The Collective'. This group is comprised of Galactic Beings, Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels and Elementals as well as other Higher Beings.

Since finding her website, listening to some of the summit replays with Caroline and 'The Collective' (which are on her website) and just finising two of her books (The Ascension Manual Part 1 & 2) with chanelled information to assist us as we ascend into 5th Dimensional life, I felt so very blessed by the information I received, that I just had to share it here. As you read her books, you will receive the energy from these Higher Beings as well as the wonderful wisdom that they share. 

Much love and many blessings for a wonderful week ahead!...Carolyn