12. Oct, 2017

Dolphin Blessings

If you are are really sensitive to the intense energies that are pouring onto the planet now and have been for some time, to help to awaken and raise the consciousness on the planet, remember to ground yourself daily into the crystalline heart of the earth, of Gaia, to call in Light from Spirit to keep your energy fields in integrity and to drink lots of water. These three simple practices along with your intention to recieve this Light with ease and grace will smooth the way in assisting you to recieve these energies in a more balanced way.

I just finished reading a book by Adena Tryon called 'STELLA MARIS SPEAKS' which was written in partnership with higher realm beings (in the form of dolphins) and Source. It is one of the most beautiful, uplifting, inspiring books I have read to date. The book's transformative power comes from the unique, divine transmission from these higher beings of LIght which are encoded into the words and through activations and initiations from each of these beings. For more information on this book go to      adenatryon.com

Have a great week!...many Blessings!...Carolyn