14. Dec, 2017

The Clarion Call

Hello Family of LIght!

I have two life changing books to share here which I highly recommend! The first book (Volume 1) is called 'METATRON: THIS IS THE CLARION CALL' chanelled through Robbie Mackenzie by Archangel Metatron.

The second book (Volume 2) is called 'METATRON: THE HEALING BOOK'.If you are a Lightworker and are on the Ascension path, then these are the books for you! Every word that you read will activate you, raise your consciousness and your vibration through the downloads in the books. You will be blessed beyond measure through this work!

If this resonates with you, the books (both by R. Mackenzie) can be found on Amazon.

Many blessings and much love!...Carolyn