19. Jan, 2018


With so much going on on the planet weather-wise, politically and particularly with the immense energy from the galactic center to assist us in raising the light and love within us and to prepare humanity for the great' Shift' in consciousness that is upon us, it is sometimes a real challenge to remain focused for any length of time.

Recently, I found a way around this and I want to share it here. Visualise your consciousness in the center of your brain like a small sphere of light. Consciously make that sphere of light travel down into your heart chakra and expand like a golden orb of light in your heart. As you do this, just be aware in your minds' eye of this beautiful golden light in your chest (like the picture I have here with this post).

What happens next is the experience of 'no mind' - a complete stillness and awareness of just 'being' in the present, the just being with what is. Don't worry if you find your monkey mind chattering and trying to take over, just do the process again and again if necessary. I have found a great feeling of peace, calm and presence through this very simple process. I hope you will too!

Many blessings and much love for a great week ahead!...Carolyn