23. Jul, 2018

On Angel's Wings

This week I have two beautiful books to share -'On Angel's Wings' by Mariana Stjerna and the sequel to the book, 'Time Journey To the Origin and the Future'.

In the first book, the reader is taken on an amazing journey throughout the cosmos with the famous Swedish author, Jan Fridegard.  His mission (after his passing in 1968) was to bring information about the many realms of the cosmos  back to us here on Earth through the author and medium, Mariana Stjerna. It is an absolutely facinating read!

In the second book, Jan with his teacher and guide traverse many planets and bring back information on the many cultures there that originally seeded planet Earth, and speak about what will happen to Earth in the future when Earth has traversed 'The Grand Portal' and humanity has become wiser with raised consciousness and much, much more! 

Both books are facinating and I just had to share a bit about them here. They can be found on Amazon including two others, 'Agartha' which tells of the inner Earth civilisations and a fourth book also with information from Jan Fridegard on the elemental realm called 'The Invisible People in the Magical World of Nature'.


Have a blessed and uplifting week ahead...Love & blessings!...Carolyn