29. Sep, 2018

A Message of Love from the Collective of Light

Welcome beautiful being! Here is a beautiful message from The Collective of Light, a collective of loving beings from the higher realms of light, angels, ascended masters, elementals and star beings. All channelled messages are encoded with light frequencies to uplift all who are reading the messages in this and every now moment. Here goes...

''Greetings beloved ones. We are the Collective of Light and we are de-light-ed to be here with you once more.

We are with each and every one of you on your earth walk and we commend you all for all that you are doing and 'being' in this moment of now.

Walk your path with faith anchored into the peace within your own heart, and know that as you call, we are right here with you, for indeed we are one. Separation is an illusion.

Acknowledge all of your feelings and emotions without judgement as they show themselves to be released to allow you to lift higher into your true beingness of who you truly are - a Divine Being of magnificent Light and love.

And so we leave you with this today. Have faith, trust in your inner knowing and know that all is well and in Divine Order (no matter what is showing itself in the outer life and world).

We love you, we bless you, we are you...Namaste

                                  Thank you, Collective of Light!

Have a blessed and uplifting week ahead and remember that no matter what is occuring around you that you are loved and honoured for who you are right now. Go well and much love to you...Carolyn