17. Jan, 2019

The Anchoring of Light

The energy and Light that is coming onto the planet has tripled since the 11:11 gateway in 2018, the Winter Solstice on December 21st and then the massive energy that took us through into 2019 on January 1st.

We have just had another upsurge of light and energy on January 5th with the new moon and partial solar eclipse and are now entering the full (Super/Blood) moon on January 21st with a total lunar eclipse.

Mother Earth and all of us as a collective are being given the wonderful opportunity to raise our consciousness through these ascension energies with the assistance of this Light from the Creator.

Many are feeling what is termed as 'ascension symptoms', for example, extreme fatigue, body aches and sleeplessness to name a few.

As free will beings we all have a choice in every moment of 'the now'. We can consciously choose to bring this light into our bodies and fields and ask our guides to assist us to integrate it with ease and grace.

There is so much assistance being offered to us from the higher realms, but we must remember to ask for it. Ask and it shall be given.

Have a wonderful week ahead and remember how very much you are loved by the Creator and all of Heaven in every moment of now...Much love...Carolyn