19. Apr, 2019

The Awakening of the Dove

Hello Light Family! We are in a time of great change on Earth. We are all feeling that on some level, whether consciously or not. We are receiving much light and assistance from the higher realms as the planet and all life here are ascending.

The light, codes and ascension frequencies coming in are pushing all of our 'stuff' (energetically, which we no longer need and are ready to let go of) to the surface. Whatever you are feeling in this and any moment of now, just love and accept yourself and your life right here right now and know that you are right where you need to be regardless of any circumstances in your life and world.

I have a very important message from the Pleiadians to share here, chanelled by Christine Day (christinedayonline.org). Here goes...

''BELOVED ONES, WE GREET YOU...There has been a strong adjustment within the magnetic core of your Earth as the energetic framework is being adjusted in readiness for the 'Awakening of the Dove' energy. This process heralds in great change for those of you on the path. This will be a predestined moment that has been set in place for eons. You each have contracted to be present on Earth at the juncture of this happening

Your presence on Earth is essential as you play a role within your own divine unique frequency. Through your essence there is a collective energy which is activated between all of you at the time of 'The Awakening of the Dove'. Your collective energy creates a womb like presence that surrounds and supports the full anchoring process of the Dove on Earth.     

At 3:30pm central time in the USA, the full 'Awakening of the Dove' will take place. The process will take from 3:30pm-4pm. During this time you will claim your place within the activation from your heart space. The origin of the activation will come from the Yucatan in an ancient Mayan Temple. 

At the very moment of this happening you are being called to hold your heart and align consciously within your heart. As you do this, bring in the sound ESTAHN NAE (pronounced ESTARN NAY). You can use this sound as many times during this transitional time from 3:30pm -4pm as you feel.

Be focused on letting go during this time leading up to the event. Know that much is breaking down which is connected to old thought patterns and anything which is not authentic in your life.

We support you during this powerful time.


The Pleidians   

Have a wonderful, uplifting week ahead...much love...Carolyn