30. Aug, 2019


Even for a moment, when we step out of the illusion of this reality and intend to take our conscious mind into our heart, we immediately step into the 'is-ness' of the present moment, to zero point. Here we re-connect with the truth of our Divine nature as co-creators with Source. This is a wonderful exercise for taking you out of anxiety and over-thinking.

We are not here on Gaia to learn, particularly in this lifetime, but to remember. We are here to remember ourselves as Divine and Sacred Beings of love, of the Creator's Light. We are here to remember that we are all a part of the oneness of all of creation.

Here, following, is a beautiful prayer which was given forth from Mother Mary. If it resontes with your heart, say it daily with meaning and watch the miracles unfold in your life and remember to give gratitude for all of the miracles that have already occurred and are currently present for you now. Here goes...

'' I am choosing to joyfully create today and also to have more fun than I have ever had, and I choose all that honours me. I choose all that blesses me and I choose all that I am entitled to in the most miraculous, wonderful way so that I can embrace who I am fully and completely in joy with every single breath. And so it is...''

Have a joyful and beautiful week ahead!...with much love and many blessings...Carolyn