5. Jan, 2020


Hello Soul Family

Thank you for reading my blog posts and visiting my website. A very Happy 2020 to you! Can you feel the incredible light energy that is streaming onto the planet bringing all life on Gaia into a new harmonic? Many are feeling like their lives are being turned upside down as these light coded frequencies are litterally stirring up and pushing to the surface, our 'stuff' so that we can acknowledge it and let it go (if we so choose) so that the new can come to us.

It can be really uncomfortable at times, but we always have the choice to ask our guides to moderate the energy so that we may go through this alchemical process with more ease and grace.  Ask and 'intend' ease and grace.

May 2020 be a year where all of your dreams are realised! Remember that you are a powerful God Creator being who is loved beyond measure by all of creation. Thank you for all that you are!

Have a wonderful, uplifting week ahead!...Many blessings...Carolyn