3. Mar, 2021

Forward Ever...

Hello Soul Family

Thank you to the hundreds of dear souls, all over the planet, who read my blog posts weekly. We are living in awesome times here on Earth. I know how challenging it has been over the last year for many of us, but we must keep moving forward no matter what. We all have the strength within us to keep on keeping on.

A couple posts ago, I meantioned that I was guided to move eight times over the last ten months. Did I always feel to get up and go? No, but I did. I found that when I reached my last destination, the U.K, where I am currently living, I felt ungrounded, scattered and depressed. I tend to be optimistic more often than not, so that all felt quite unnatural. After feeling like that way for a few weeks, I got up one morning and said, 'No!' I choose to feel joyful no matter what! I choose to live and thrive, regardless of the outer circumstances in my life and all the chaos that is going on in the world. What happened for me then was a complete up-shift in my vibration and outlook! 

If you are feeling a bit low, for whatever reason, try focusing on or doing something that makes your heart sing or even saying a positive affirmation like I did (it was not a one-time-thing for me, I had to keep at it!), and see what happens. Keep at it, you are certainly worth it.

Remember, we always have free will, in every moment, to choose how we want to feel. Choose to feel good! The simple act of going out into nature will remind you of that. Find what works for you.


Do something that is just for you today or this week that brings you joy. Be blessed until we connect again...Much love...Carolyn