16. Aug, 2021

Remember Your Divine Power

Hello Soul family and welcome to my blog. There is so much going on in the world and I know that there are many who are suffering. Many are anxious and fearful and there are so many restrictions and basically, life as we knew it is no more. 

Stay the course and know that no matter how weird things are and feel, there is one space that we can visit daily that will bring us peace.

Take  at least 5 minutes or more during your day and find a quiet space where you can be alone. Breathe deeply and bring your conscious mind down into the area of your heart. When you do this with intention, you connect with your own your own Divinity - your own God Light within. Resting here even for a few minutes will bring you back to center.

If you make a regular practice of this, you will find that you are calmer and more peaceful. Connect with your inner Light and remember your own Divine Power!

Many blessings for a joyful, uplifting day and week ahead...Carolyn